Who can resist a darned cute pet like a Dachshund?

I know for sure, I can’t! Their funny bodies, short legs, pleading eyes, floppy ears, and friendly nature makes everyone fall for them. They are occasionally called wiener dogs for their hotdog shaped bodies (I think they love it too!).

But there is an important thing I want you to, um, remember for life if you are thinking to pet a dachshund: they are the ones to own you; it is not the other way round. 

Yep, you read it right! 

But it no way means that you shouldn’t own a dachshund. In fact, dachshunds have always sat comfortably in the top 10 most popular breeds in terms of registration with American Kennel Club.

Just as humans have their good and bad traits, so does a dachshund. If you own a dachshund or plan to own one, you need to understand the dog’s temperament. Let us catch a glimpse of what a dachshund can be!

They Have a Set of Rules

Dachshunds just have their own set of rules, which by no means should sound reasonable to you. Their rules state:

  • I am my own boss, and I do what and when I wish to do.
  • I can be stubborn, aggressive, and often problematic.
  • I can be manipulative.
  • If I see it and it appeals to me, it is mine. I may touch it, lick it, chew it, shred it, and throw it.
  • People live to serve my needs.

Yeah, these sure don’t sound reasonable. And now you wonder why they have managed to be on the list of most popular breeds?  Well, the answer is simple.  They have their set of good traits that outranks their bossy traits and makes them stand in the limelight! Besides, Proper Dachshund training can make up a life-long devoted friend. Let us get an eyeful on their good aspects too.

Their Set of Good Traits

After reading these traits, you might stop questioning their rules stated above and start wondering about owning a dachshund. Their good traits state:

  • I am incredibly courageous.
  • My friendliness towards my master is second to none.
  • I am more intelligent than you think, and you’ll notice it for sure.
  • I am cheerful and funny, and I can fill your life with joy.
  • I smell fishy, and I will let you know of the unexpected.
  • I make up the most charming lap dog.
  • I am a loyal companion, a playmate for your kids, and very well-behaved if you train me well.
  • I don’t mind you calling me a wiener, for I actually look like a sausage 😉

I hope dachshunds have vividly stated the positive side of their personality and have obligated you to keep them as their pets. Anyway, there are reasons for dachshunds to own a hybrid temperament. These reasons should come to light as well to help you with your dachshund training.

Dachshund hunting dog

What Makes a Dachshund a Typical Dachshund?

It is typical for dachshunds to be known as stubborn, willful, defiant, headstrong, obstinate, and intractable. And yes, it is true and perfectly natural for a dachshund. But have you ever wondered what makes them stand in the section of traits no one appreciates? Well, here are the reasons:

  • They are Hunting Dogs: Yep, Dachshunds were initially bred with strong muscular legs and stream-lined bodies so they can hunt badgers, rabbits, foxes, and other tunneling animals. Their physical features allow them to dig deep inside the burrow and find their prey. Their hunting characteristic makes them aggressive and strong-willed creature.
  • They are Intelligent: That’s true! They have a mind of an independent thinker rather than an obedient automaton. They can think without getting directions from people. Never be fooled to think that your dachshund is stubborn. The so-called obstinacy is actually his smartness. Your dog is quick on the uptake!

How to Deal with Dachshund’s Temperament?

Although Dachshunds are notoriously adamant and manipulative, they are known as the most affectionate, friendly, and devoted breed among the canine kingdom.

Their aggressive and energetic behavior comes from them being a hunting breed. But remember, these traits also make them the perfect watch-dog.

Now to talk about dealing with their temperament, dachshunds need training from the early stages. From the very beginning, you need to make them realize that you are the pack leader, and it is not the other way around.

Since they enjoy having an upper-hand, it is advised for you to enroll in dachshund training classes, especially if you have a dachshund for the first time. If needed, also enroll your dog in obedience class.

They can develop a mild temperament if their training is taken care of in the early stages. Since they have a lively and playful personality, they get bored quickly. Include as many activities as you could to keep them busy and engaged.

Their energetic nature also makes them aggressive and bored, which leads to behavioral problems. Exercising them regularly and maintaining an engaged routine full of activities can keep them from getting bored and help them utilize their energy in the right place.

If they follow your commands and obey you, regard them by showing affectionate expressions, treats, a toy, positive encouragement, or even verbal praise. Punishing them for something wrong they did will lead to more harm than good. A good approach to train a dachshund is to praise rather than punish.

Another important thing to keep in mind is never to hurt them physically. If you do so, your dog might develop a fear of you, and getting along with them will become impossible.

If you are willing to make a lifetime commitment to this cutie pie and deal with their temperament, I’d say, get ready for the most romanticized ownership!

Last Words

Although dachshunds have quite a challenging temperament to deal with, and sometimes you might even reconsider your choice of petting one, but believe me, once the training process is over, the prize is ravishing more than you thought it would be!

And remember, dachshunds might be stubborn, but they beget love, loyalty, affection, fun and as well as, pride. Their headstrong personality is anything but vicious.