If you are looking for toys for a dachshund, you must already be in the seventh heaven owning one. Yikes!

Which puppy doesn’t like to play? Dachshund is no exception when it comes to playtime! In fact, they are rather lively and playful as compared to other breeds.

Dachshunds love toys! Their enthusiastic nature demands lots of activities and engagement. Toys are not only fun for them, but they also provide them with mental stimulation.

This comprehensive article will throw light on the importance of toys for your canine companion, what things you should keep in mind before getting them their favorite toys, and lastly, the toys that are best for your pal.

So with no further ado, let us dive into it!

Importance of Toys

We all know that dachshunds have a hybrid temperament. They are half-angel and half-stubborn creatures. Therefore, dachshund training is a challenging task, especially if you are a newbie to owning this pet. Toys can make this challenge achievable.

Toys play a fundamental role in grooming their personality and developing a mild temperament. There are many more positive effects of giving your pups toys. The benefits are:

Promote Learning

Toys enhance learning. They increase their attention, improve their mental stimulation and movement skills. Intellitoys like Intellicube and Intellibone are specifically designed for dog intelligence. The detachable parts ensure that your dachshund uses his paws, nose, and mouth all at the same time.

Help Them Snuggle Down

The very energetic dachshunds sometimes get difficult to tuck in. They need activities to drain them out of energy so they can sleep peacefully. Toys are the best way to keep them engaged. They will get exhausted after a few minutes of play and snuggle down without hassle.

Reduce Stress

What do you do when you feel stressed out? Most probably find yourself some activity that keeps your mind away from the distress. The same is with your dog. These pack animals seek attention, and when left alone, they can develop separation anxiety resulting in stress. Toys keep them happy and relaxed. Toys also give you the independence to get your tasks done at home.

Enhance Relationship

As a kid, you always loved your auntie, who gave you treats. Toys are treats for your dachshunds. You want a better relationship with your pal and want them to love you more? Get them toys!

Facilitate Good Habits

You’re probably tired of your neighbors’ complaints about your dog’s barking. You also don’t like to come home to see your shoes, clothes, and furniture being chewed away. Toys are the solution to promote good behavior in your dogs.

Toys for Dachshund

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying Toys

Toys provide a way to learn and groom, keep your pups engaged, and fulfil their entertainment needs. But before you invest a hefty amount in buying toys for your pal, make sure to keep the following things in mind:


Safety first! Always make sure the toys do not have small parts that may cause choking or that may be ingested. Sharp edges can also lacerate and hurt your dog. Before buying, keep the safety measures in your mind to avoid health hazards.


Dogs, especially dachshunds, love to chew on things. They chew, shred, and tear things apart. They play rough. It is better to choose toys that are durable and washable. Or you will be spending a lot of money each week replacing their toys.


Toys meant for smaller dogs can be easily swallowed by bigger dogs. The size of the toys depends on the size of your dog. Check out the labels before you invest in toys.


Preference is another factor you need to keep in mind before getting toys for your pup. Every dog enjoys different toys. If your pup is shy, he may get nervous with a squeaky toy. If your dog is young, he needs soft toys, while older dogs need durable toys.

Some Best Toys for Your Dachshund

Below is the list of some awesome toys that will help keep your dachshund busy, lively, energetic, and help you get your personal space.


Kongs are great. You can fill the holes with dog treats and other tempting things. The rubber kongs are very appealing to chew on. Their bouncy structure makes them fun to play with. Your dog can spend all day trying to get the treat out of the hole.

Nylabone or Gummabone Chew Toy

These durable chew toys are a great way to keep your dachshund away from your furniture and clothes. They satisfy the chewing urges of your pup and keeps them busy for hours. The flavorful chews also satisfy your puppy’s taste buds.

Fleece Toys

Yep, the toys are not so durable, but I bet your little hotdog friend would have a great time shredding them and pulling them apart and taking out all the stuffing. Be careful with stuffed animals that come with plastic parts like eyes and nose. These can come off and result in choking.

Balls or Other Chasing Objects

Dachshunds love to chase! Throw a ball or a Frisbee and see your dog hunt it back for you. Their happiness at that moment is so picturesque. Besides, it’s a great way that helps in dachshund training to keep them physically active and build a healthy relationship.

Tug of War Ropes

Although dachshunds have a weak back prone to injuries and playing tug of war can result in back problems. But the gentle tug of war game can also help strengthen their back. Make sure you encourage a smooth game of tug of war rather than a robust one. The tug of war ropes for dachshunds are your way to go!

Last Words

Every dog deserves to have his day. And a dog like a dachshund who displays a lively, playful, and at the same time, authoritarian personality demands a lot to have his day. Toys are a great way to keep them active and utilize their energy at best. Make sure you make the best choice for your best pal!